Funny Financial Cartoon - Fat Greedy Uncle Sam Taxing the Public for their Excess Spending

This is just another financial and political cartoon that I think clearly depicts the excess spending of the U.S. Government. It shows Uncle Sam as a fat sloth consuming everything with the taxpayers money and then proposing yet another tax on everything that the public consumes.

When programs that will require a tax are proposed, they often seem to make sense. Usually supporters of these taxes will talk about how the tax is only a penny or a fraction of a penny on the dollar. The fact is that government only likes to grow and eventually pennies on the dollar turn into much more. Just look at how much of your income goes to taxes and other government programs. It is much more than a penny on the dollar and it still isn't enough for good old fat greedy Uncle Sam.

Fat Greedy Uncle Sam proposing another tax on everything the public consumes. Government only wants to grow